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R.P. (Rod) MacIntyre is a fiction writer and editor. He has also worked in radio, television and theatre. He travels extensively performing readings and workshops across Canada. He was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (1947) graduated from the University of Saskatchewan (1971) and presently makes his home in Christina Lake, B.C. Canada and La Peñita de Jaltemba, Nayarit, Mexico with his partner, Sharyn. They have ridden by motorcycle from sea to sea, playing golf along the way.

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Yuletide Blues
The Blue Camaro
The Crying Jesus
Up All Night

Feeding At Nine Winner! 2007Saskatchewan Book Awards Children's Literature
Apart with Wendy MacIntyre.

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 Sweating the Big Stuff  

"McGee gives you what you'd like to know; MacIntyre gives you what you need to know."

Description: This workshop focuses on what an editor looks for when reviewing a fiction manuscript and offers a perspective on the kinds of tools available to evaluate a work-in-progress.

In my professional writing career, I do much more than sit in front of the computer staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what key to hit next, I also work as a fiction editor, a job that can be tedious, terrifying and fun—sometimes all in one M/S. I have edited more than thirty books over a ten-year period and read dozens of manuscripts for potential publication. If there’s one major difference between an experienced writer and an emerging writer, it’s that the experienced writer knows how to “sweat the big stuff.” Not that “the little stuff” isn’t important—it is, but spelling, punctuation, syntax and style are merely cladding for the structure beneath. That’s where the story is. Somebody once said that “voice is everything,” but really, you can have all kinds of voice and still not have a story. Structure is everything.

Level of Writer: Beginning and developing. Although the workshop focuses primarily on the structure of short fiction, it is applicable to any kind of story making, and while writing implements are necessary for the workshop, it is not a writing exercise. It is an interactive discussion on Structure And The Essential Parts of Story and is intended to delineate a process for evaluating/editing the writer's own work. Participant work samples required a week in advance of workshop date.

(Other Workshops designed upon request)

Workshop Length: One to Six Hours. Maximum Registrants: 12-30. Travel: Yes. Billet: No.  Fee: $250-$650 

(Fees are negotiable--depend on workshop length, participant levels and numbers, as well as travel.)


How Did This Happen?

Presentation Description: Rod begins by attempting to answer how a guy from the wrong side of the tracks, whose parents barely completed grade school, and who was way more interested in hockey and girls and making money, ended up being a writer. (A mystery.) He then introduces some of his early work (what parts really happened, and what parts did I just ‘make up’?), includes a Q&A, and then reads from some more recent work—provided there’s time. Presentations usually run from 45 – 50 minutes and can be adapted for groups ranging in age from 10 to 100. Size in not an issue. Needs a place to set books, and a glass/bottle of water. $250

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"The Book Talk", an article by A. Dornai

Tip of the moment from MacIntyre’s theory of story making:

No one knows if you made it up or if it’s real.

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