Takes: Stories for Young
    Adults, Ed. R.P.

    ISBN 1-895449-54-5; paper; $; 152 pages, trade;
    1996, 1997


Preceded by The Blue Jean Collection and Notes
    Across the Aisle, Takes is the third collection of
    short fiction for young adults by Thistledown
    Press, and is edited by the award-winning author
    of Yuletide Blues and The Blue Camaro, R.P.

    Highly readable issue-oriented fictions.

    “Takes is the third anthology of short fiction for
    young adults, and the company is obviously onto
    – Quill & Quire.

    “I would recommend Takes for all young adult
    – Resource Links.

    Winner of the 1997 Canadian Library
    Association's Young Adult Award and the
    Saskatchewan Book Award for Best
    Educational Book.


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