The Crying Jesus

Young Adult - Fiction
       The Crying Jesus will delight and provoke all
    MacIntyre enthusiasts — young and old alike.
    The stories present a group of young
    protagonists eagerly balanced on the fulcrum
    between what is all too familiar and what can
    only be surmised. The wit is there as always —
    the laconic, authentic mockery of estranged
    young people — but the worlds out of which
    these voices speak form a new, eccentric
    universe. MacIntyre’s imagination is at once
    bizarre and illuminating.

    “In this, his second collection, Rod MacIntyre
    nabs us in every first paragraph . . . The Crying
    Jesus is a fine adult read for those of us who can
    face looking back. It’s an even finer young adult
    read for those who can face looking ahead.”
    – Quill and Quire.

The Blue Camaro

    Young Adult - Fiction

    ISBN 1-895449-23-5; paper; $; 160 pages, trade;

    From the winner of the 1993 Vicky Metcalf Short
    Story Award and the author of the immensely
    popular novel Yuletide Blues, comes a stunning
    new collection of short fiction that will move you
    to both laughter and tears.

    “... a collection of short stories that is, quite
    simply, a terrific success.”
    – Books in Canada.



Takes: Stories for Young
    Adults, Ed. R.P.

    ISBN 1-895449-54-5; paper; $; 152 pages, trade;
    1996, 1997

Yuletide Blues


Yuletide Blues, R.P.
    Young Adult - Fiction

    ISBN 1-895449-04-9; paper; $6.95; 240 pages, Mass
    Market; 1991, 1992

    From R.P. MacIntyre, the 1993 winner of the
    Vicky Metcalf Short Stort Award, Yuletide Blues
    has become a hit with young audiences. The
    deadpan, comedian's voice of the teenaged
    protagonist is fresh, disconcerting and hilarious,
    as Lanny relates his worst Christmas. An avid
    hockey player with an aversion for piano lessons,
    Lanny receives a couple of rude but enlightening
    shocks that force him to reevaluate both himself
    and his relationships with family and friends.

Up All Night

Young Adult - Fiction

    Up All Night is the result of Thistledown's latest young adult short story competition, which joins Takes: Stories for Young Adults (1996) - which won the 1997 Canadian Library Association's Young Adult Award and the 1996 Saskatchewan Book Award for Publishing in Education. The finest established and emerging writer for young adults in the country are represented in the fourteen short fictions in Up All Night, including competition winner Anne Carter of Toronto with her story "The Piano Lesson" and runner-up Brenda Hasiuk of Winnipeg with "You Can Call Me Al". Editied by R.P. MacIntyre, one of Canada's foremost editors and writers of young adult fiction, this collection represents a range and depth of theme and style that ensures there is something for all readers to enjoy.

    List Price: $13.95 Cdn $10.00 US
    ISBN 1-894345-27-4; paper; $; 156 pages, trade;
    March 2001